Women's Premier League has surpassed the record for highest bidding than the Men's IPL 2008

The winners were identified after opening sealed bids in Mumbai on Wednesday, with the BCCI fetching a record sum of INR 4669.99 crore (USD 572.78 million approx). The Ahmedabad team was sold for the highest price: INR 1289 crore (USD 158 million approx), followed by Mumbai (INR 912.99 crore/USD 111 million approx), Bengaluru (INR 901 crore/USD 110 million approx), Delhi (INR 810 crore/USD 99.35 million approx) and Lucknow (INR 757 crore/USD 92.85 million approx).

In 2008, the BCCI fetched USD 723.59 million for selling the first set of eight men’s IPL teams. Looking at the conversion rate at the time, the IPL deal was worth approximately INR 28,943.6 crore. Accounting for the current inflation rate, Dhumal said the WPL valuation was “bigger” than that of the men’s IPL in terms of the money derived from the sale of the teams.

(source: Cricinfo)