Women's Asia Cup 2022 - points table after match 19

Points table of Women’s Asia Cup after match 19 India vs Thailand. With the crushing win over Thailand India tops the points table.

  1. Thailand vs Bangladesh (Bangladesh won by 9 wickets)
  2. India vs Sri Lanka (India won by 41 runs)
  3. Malaysia vs Pakistan (Pakistan won by 9 wickets)
  4. Sri Lanka vs UAE (Sri Lanka won by 11 runs D/L method)
  5. Bangladesh vs Pakistan (Pakistan won by 9 wickets)
  6. India vs Malaysia (India won by 30 runs D/L method)
  7. Sri Lanka vs Thailand (Sri Lanka won by 49 runs)
  8. India vs UAE (India won by 104 runs)
  9. Malaysia vs UAE (UAE won by 7 wickets)
  10. Pakistan vs Thailand (Thailand won by 4 wickets)
  11. Bangladesh vs Malaysia (Bangladesh won by 88 runs)
  12. Thailand vs UAE (Thailand won by 19 runs)
  13. Pakistan vs India (Pakistan won by 13 runs)
  14. Sri Lanka vs Malaysia (Sri Lanka won by 72 runs)
  15. India vs Bangladesh (India won by 59 runs)
  16. Thailand vs Malaysia (Thailand won by 50 runs)
  17. Pakistan vs UAE (Pakistan won by 71 runs)
  18. Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh (Sri Lanka won by 3 runs D/L method)
  19. India vs Thailand (India won by 9 wickets)

(source: Cricinfo)

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What a brilliant comeback from Sri Lankan Women team against Bangladesh today. India and Pakistan are still favourites to win the Asia Cup but I guess Sri Lanka will be that underdogs!

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