Slow over-rate penalty - extra fielder inside circle to be introduced in ODIs too

After introducing a penalty for slow over rates in T20Is, the ICC has decided to bring the in-match penalty into play in ODIs too. For each over the fielding team falls short by at the scheduled cessation time of the innings, after taking time allowances into play, they must have an additional fielder inside the ring. For example, if a team completes only 48 overs when their stipulated time runs out, the last two overs must be bowled with just four fielders outside the ring.

It will come into effect after the ODI Super League ends next year.

In January this year, the ICC introduced a rule for T20Is, for both men and women, where, if the fielding team is unable to start the final over of the innings within the stipulated time, they would be penalised by bringing an additional fielder in the 30-yard circle. This means they would be able to place a maximum of four fielders at the boundary. This rule will now come into effect in ODIs as well, starting next year.