Sandeep Lamichane taken into custody in Kathmandu Airport

Sandeep Lamichhane has been taken into custody by police in Kathmandu in response to the arrest warrant that had been issued in his name over an alleged case of coercion.

Shortly before being arrested, Lamichhane wrote on Facebook that he would “fully cooperate in all stages of the investigation and will fight a legal battle to prove my innocence”.

“I know I am facing a difficult time of conspiracy and wrongful allegation and the ramification of its effect is something unimaginable. I am sure there must be some mechanism of compensating to the accused who proven to be innocent in our legal system,” he wrote. “I will soon seek legal support against wrongful prosecution and allegation made against me and I am sure I will get the justice and will return to the cricket ground soon to make the name and fame of my beloved country and I pray for a speedy trial.”
(source: Cricinfo)