Longest test match in the history of Cricket

The longest test match in the history of Cricket is the match between England and South Africa in the year 1939. Those were the times when the timeless tests were played. Timeless tests where the test match is played until a result is achieved. There where no possibilities of draw or stopping the match due to rain or bad light. Timeless tests where played during 1876-1939, totally 99 tests were played. Only four teams where played in timeless tests, the teams are Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa.

In the year 1939, the fifth test between England and South Africa which began on March 3 to March 14. In this March 5th and March 12th play has been interrupted due to bad weather. South Africa won the toss and chose to bat first, in the 1st innings South Africa scored 530/10 in 202.6 overs. (Bowler has to bowl 8 balls inorder to complete a over). England scored 316/10 in 117.6 overs.

In the 2nd innings, South Africa scored 481/10 in 142.1 overs. England has scored 654/5 in 218.2 overs. The total hours played in this test match was 43 hours 16 mins. And totally 1981 runs were scored by both the teams in total which is a record till now. Unfortunately the match was ended in draw due to the ship which has to take English players back to home was about to leave.

Scorecard of the game