Lamichhane 'upset and unwell' becuase of the allegations made on him

“The news that a warrant has been issued in my name and that the complaint against me has been lodged made me upset and unwell,” Lamichhane’s said in a Facebook post written in Nepali on September 26. "I was not able to think about what to do and what not to do.

“All these things affected me mentally on one hand and on the other hand, I had to go through illness, and due to mental stress and ill health, I kept myself in isolation. I have been mentally and physically affected by the portrayal and I have reached a state of imbalance and I have been bringing myself back to a normal state under the advice of doctors. My health is gradually improving, and I am planning to return to Nepal as soon as possible to defend against the false complaint against me.”

Lamichhane once again reiterated that the accusations against him were “false” and had “severely damaged” his “character”.

“I will fight the legal battle against the false accusations. As far as I understand, according to the constitution of Nepal, I am innocent until proven guilty. I also understand that the constitution provides for the right to live with dignity, the right against torture, the right to privacy, the right to health and the right to consult with my legal practitioner.”

His Facebook status said:
It is my privilege to be included in the national cricket team at the age of 18. That wasn’t something that can be earned by my little hard work. With positive thinking, tireless hard work and continuous efforts to improve myself, along with my entire cricket team including my family, friends and seniors who helped me, support and blessings, I have been able to reach today’s situation. I have always moved forward with the desire to keep Nepal’s name high in the world cricket world. I feel proud to know Nepal with my hard work.

I came to know about Bhadra 3 against me on Bhadra 2nd. In a single manner on electronic media and social networks about the false proposal against me, the news came in my character based on only false proposals without realizing the truth. The news of a warrant issued in my name and the publicity against me has made me mentally disturbed, I’m not in a state of thinking what to do and not.

On one hand all of these things affected me mentally and on the other hand, I was going through sickness and mental stress and health disorders I am putting myself in isolation. Portrait of criminal over false proposals has affected me mentally and physically and getting myself back to normal under the advice of doctors and my health is gradually improving and returning to Nepal as soon as possible against me I am waiting to return to Nepal to protest against false complaints.

I am a simple family man who is obsessed with cricket since childhood. For me cricket and my country remained the only priority in life. I think I also have a role to make Nepali cricket known internationally whether it is as a player or as a captain. I am an honest cricketer, who is playing for the nation with his heart, today I felt like a victim of a serious conspiracy.

In my absence, I will fight a legal battle against false propaganda that proves me guilty. As far as I understand, the Constitution of Nepal has made a provision not to accept guilty until proven guilty, the constitution to live respectfully, the right to be against torture, the right to privacy, the right to health and the right to have a legal consultation with my law practitioner I understand that it is existing.

I express my gratitude to my respected parents, brothers, friends and cricket lovers, who have harmony towards Nepali cricket and request everyone to not spread rumours against me or me. !