India v Scotland

Virat Kohli has won a toss, at last, and India is bowling!


Australia restricted Bangladesh under 80 and chased it down the target in 6.2 overs to boost their NRR yesterday. India should do the same to boost their chances incase other results go in their favor


There’s a chance for Afghanistan, NZ and India to be all on 6 points each if Afghanistan beats NZ. Then the NRR will come into play. I have a feeling this will happen :grin:


That’s a great prediction! India has come so late to the party that they’ve missed the best bits.

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India now has the highest NRR in the group and depending on the outcome of Afghanistan v New Zealand match, and if they still have a chance to make it to the semis they have the Namibia match AFTER the NZ v Afg match in which they van try and team the NRR if needed.
But the way NZ finished against Namibia earlier today, they are hard to beat.

Even a good Homer nods.