David Warner's statement on his test future

David Warner has said a shocking statement about his future in test cricket.

“Test cricket will probably be the first one to fall off,” Warner said on Triple M’s Deadset Legends. “Because that’s how it will pan out. The T20 World Cup is in 2024, (one-day) World Cup next year. Potentially it could be my last 12 months in Test cricket.”

“…I love the white-ball game; it’s amazing,” he said. “T20 cricket - I love the game. I will be looking to get to 2024,” he added.

“For all those people saying I am past it and a lot of those old people are past it, look out. Be careful what you wish for.”
(source: Cricbuzz)

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Warner in other words “I’m setting my eyes on money mate” :wink:

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He is 36 years old and retiring himself from the longest format isn’t a bad decision in my pov :slight_smile: