1st Semi finals

Eng Vs NZ! Both Semi finals are going to have the finals feel to it, as all four teams are deserved to be in the finals and playing top quality cricket. None of them got there with a fluke

I think England has a better chance of winning, batting first and defending but being an evening game with dew factor it’s going to be a difficult decision to make. I rather lose the toss and let the other person make that difficult decision :smiley:

Okay… predictions time folks :grin: @srivathsan @Waran

My money is on England but my mind says NZ will win it this time. (How’s that for a prediction? :joy:)

England will start as favourites for sure. But Jason Roy’s absence is a big blow. They’ll definitely miss 50 over world cup hero Stokes as well. New Zealand on the other hand has been fairly decent but don’t seem to have that ruthlessness needed to beat an aggressive team like England.
My bet is on England. But I won’t be surprised if NZ wins.

That’s 1-0 to mind over heart :smiley: